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Simple Tips For The Iphone That Anyone Can Learn

These days it seems everyone has an iphone. Although there is nothing more popular in the world of technology today, getting the most from the iphone is not always easy. But a lot of people who own iPhones still have a lot of questions about the product. The piece that follows offers a bounty of tips that can help you develop into a skilled user.

Did you know that rice can be used to dry your iPhone if it gets wet? You should of course avoid dropping your iPhone in water. Wipe off your iPhone and then place it into a rice-filled bag. Let it dry overnight.

With an iphone, you don’t have to worry about getting lost anymore. The integrated map and gps function allow you to use your wireless service to pinpoint where you are, and where you are going. This app is also great for letting you simply find your way to your home, or to someplace that you are traveling to.

Keep up on all of the new updates for your phone as they are released. This ensures that you get the latest software and updates available for your phone. Regular updating forces data storage and backup so you don’t lose everything you find important.

While you are using the Internet on your iphone, phone calls are just one touch away. For example, let’s say you are looking for a dry cleaner. Whenever you discover the number, you don’t have to navigate to the phone component in order to make a call. Just tap on their number and you’ll be connected to your desired business immediately.

Wouldn’t a larger keyboard make it easier to enter messages and surf the Internet on your iPhone? And it doesn’t have to be an external keyboard. Rotate the iPhone sideways, tap the address bar within Safari, and voila! You have a larger, easier-to-use keyboard for faster and more efficient typing.

Do you feel overwhelmed by push notifications on your iphone? Here is a tip on how to turn them off. First, go to settings, and then go to notifications. Check the heading marked “In Notification Center” and take out any apps that you don’t need. By doing this, you’ll greatly improve the condition of your battery.

Location-based reminders can be set by using Siri. Now you don’t have to say ” Siri, remind me at five to call work.” You can say “Siri, remind me to call work when I get home.” This adds another layer of customization to your iPhone. Now the phone will be able to detect when you’re at home instead of relying on the time. You can still have your reminder even though you can’t predict when you will get home.

Did you know that you can save images easily when online searching on the iphone? You simply have to touch and hold the image you want to save. You will see a pop-up box that offers you the choice to save that image.

You can customize your iPhone’s dictionary and create shortcuts to make texting faster. The diction knows beforehand what you are trying to say. Word shortcuts and phrases can be added to the phone as well. The keyboard automatically corrects your typing as you go.

You can easily create your own dictionary and shortcuts with the iphone. By entering specific phrases into your iPhone’s dictionary, it will understand what you are saying when using the dictation feature. Your phone can be programmed with many shortcuts and phrases. In addition, the autocorrect mode will help you when using your keyboard.

Download an application which will help you to upload iPhone files and store files on it. With the app, text, music, and even photos can be uploaded. You just need to connect your phone to any computer, or open them right in your phone.

You can snap a photo using your headphone cord. Simply line up your subject within the frame. When the picture is ready to go, engage the cord’s button. Your picture will then be taken. You can save the picture by following the same steps you would normally.

If you are someone that places a high value on privacy, think twice before using Siri. Apple makes note of these recordings and puts them on their internal server. While the intent of this storage is to enhance Siri’s speech recognition, and the storage is secure, you should still know that anything you tell Siri could be recorded.

For quick access to you email messages, tag your accounts. Tagging allows you to receive notifications if a new message appears, as well as view the message instantly. You may choose to sync just one account or several different email accounts to your iphone.

Keep firmware updated. Each update increases the functionality of the iPhone, and improves battery life. Just install iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to it. Alternatively, iCloud allows you to connect your iPhone and your Apple computer easily.

Do you feel like the phrase you just typed into iMessage was the wrong one? Has Auto Correct made you say something silly? Shaking your iphone can help erase the typing that you just wrote. This motion will erase the message allowing you to type it again. This feature is optional, so look at your Settings in order to see if it is enabled.

Choosing a custom ringtone is a terrific way to optimize your iPhone. This will help you stand out from the crowd, since many people have standard ringtones. You can choose from many appealing songs or a simple sound file that pleases you. This is an attention getter.

Working with and taking photos on the iphone is a great feature and something most people use to their advantage. After a while, the number of photos can really add up. You can use the built-in feature for albums to keep photos organized on the iphone. This cuts down on a lot of time when searching for a particular picture you would like to see.

When your iPhone falls in water, as is likely, do not power it up to check whether it works. If your iPhone gets wet, dry the outside as thoroughly as you can and allow the phone to sit and dry out. If you turn on a wet phone, it can cause it to be permanently damaged.

Hard reset your iphone if it gets frozen. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home key at the same time. This will restart your phone, which will bring up the Apple logo in white.

Look into buying an app to help you manage your battery usage. One of these apps will tell you when your battery use is the highest and how to make changes to extend the life of your battery. Many will also alert you when you should calibrate, so you are always getting accurate readings.

Always upgrade your OS to the most recent version. Due to the complexity of the iphone, Apple will release patches to fix various problems or security lapses. These updates help to ensure that you are able to access your information, and keep the iphone functioning properly.

To be more efficient with your iPhone, you can create shortcuts for words. Access settings, then general, and select keyboard, finally, choose “add new shortcut”. You can use acronyms and abbreviations as shortcuts for words and phrases that you use often. When you use these shortcuts, the full phrases or words that you designated will be automatically inserted.

Do not waste time with suggested words on your iphone. If you do not want to receive suggestions when composing a message, just tap the screen to make the suggestion box go away. There is no need to tap the x that appears after every word.

When you are typing, there is a way to make better use of your time on the iPhone. Go to settings, then keyboard, then to add shortcut. Enter words and phrases that you use frequently. When you then need to use them, you can use these shortcuts rather than having to type them out repetitively.

Use shortcuts for words to type faster. Go to Settings, go under General, look under Keyboard, and then Add New Shortcut. You can create shortcuts for common phrases or words you type often by adding abbreviations or acronyms. Once you use shortcuts of this type, full words or phrases will appear automatically.

The iPhone gives you the ability to take advantage of many social media functions. Keep up with your friends as you live your life through sites like Twitter or Facebook. This allows you to be on top of the latest happenings and updates from your friends.

Cut down on typing time. Go to Settings, then General, and then Keyboard to add new shortcuts. If there are long phrases that you use frequently, you can pre-program them this way. You won’t have to type all of these words out.

If you are klutzy, protect your iPhone with a case. The iPhone will break easily if dropped onto a hard surface. If the worst happens and you lose your grip on your iPhone, having a case on it can go a long way toward preventing damage.

The iphone can be used to photos to anyone you desire, such as your family and friends. There are a couple ways to accomplish this. The easiest way is to simply click on your Facebook application for sharing images on your page, or to tag others in the picture, or you can attach it to an email for those that are not on Facebook.

There is an easy way to remove unwanted emails with just a swipe of your finger. Delete unwanted emails by pulling your finger over the message and deleting it.

This article should have helped you gain some knowledge and experience with your iphone. You can use any of the ones in the article above to get you on your way. You will quickly find that there is much more use of an iphone than you previously thought.

Scrolling through a smaller window on a webpage in your iPhone’s browser can be tricky. Thanks to inadvertent finger placement, you might end up scrolling the main page up or down instead of the window. If you’re getting stuck, select the window you want to scroll through, and zoom in. Use two fingers and move them away from each other to achieve this.

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