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Everything You Should Know About The Iphone

If you are educated about your iphone, you can use it to make some things in life easier with the help of the many apps that are available. You can make your iphone work for you instead of causing you grief just by reading through this article.

If you want to browse the web with ease on the iPhone, try a larger keyboard. You don’t have to go out and buy a bigger keyboard, either. Turn you iPhone sideways, then tap the Safari address bar, and viola! You will have an easier to see, larger keyboard so you can type more efficiently.

Your iphone is like a small GPS. There is a maps app integrated into your phone when you purchase it, and it will allow you to check your location wherever you have service. The iPhone’s mapping abilities make it easy to track down a new destination or find your way back to familiar ground.

It is possible to create an app from your commonly used sites. Start by going to the website. Once you are on the site, tap your phone’s “Go” button. This will give you the option to add this site to your home screen. Also, you have the ability now to rename it as a unique application.

Reduce the brightness of your iphone screen to conserve battery power. Simply use the settings on your phone to adjust how bright the screen on your iphone shines. That helps you save your battery, which is especially usefully if you need to have a fully charged phone.

To easily access your email messages, you can tag an account to your iPhone. That is critical, so you can receive notifications instantly when you get messages, and can view them right on your phone. You may choose to sync just one account or several different email accounts to your iPhone.

Whenever you’re in Safari, it’s simple to make calls by a single tap. Suppose you are using the Internet to locate a pharmacy near your home. When you find a number, you don’t have to go to the phone part of the iphone. Simply tapping the number will connect you to the phone number that you desire to reach.

Are you doubting the wisdom of what you just typed into iMessage? Did Auto Correct change the meaning of it yet again? There is a very easy way to fix the damage: simply shake your iPhone quickly. This is a quick way to undo typing. This optional feature needs to be enabled, so look at your Settings to ensure it is available.

Any website you frequently visit can be turned into an app. Navigate to the site in question. Tap “Go” once you access the site. Doing this will allow you to add the site onto the home screen. After it has been added, simply rename it to create the app.

Take advantage of the different scrolling options of some websites using one or two fingers. If the webpage has more than one box, using one finger allows you to scroll just one box. If you use a pair of fingers, you can navigate the full page.

You don’t need to press X every time AutoCorrect attempt to make a correction. You can simply tap the screen anywhere. That closes the box in a much simpler way.

When you need to perform a math function, use your iPhone’s calculator. The calculator is in a standard form when holding the iPhone vertically, but changes into a scientific calculator when held horizontally.

You can take a photo using your headphone cord. Begin by framing the picture you want to capture. When you have that set up, and are ready to shoot the picture, push the button down on the cord. This can help you take a steadier, clearer photo. To save, do as you would normally do.

Screenshots are a wonderful benefit to the iPhone. Once you are on the screen that you would like to take a screenshot of, hold down the “home” button and click on the “sleep” button at the same time. Your screen will blink white letting you know the screen shot has been taken and stored in your camera roll.

If you want to stay on top of your email, tag your account to your iphone. By tagging these accounts, you will receive a notification any time you receive an email. This will allow you to view your messages in a timely manner. You can tag one or many email accounts.

On the iPhone, you can add keyboard clicks to your device. Some people find this helps them make less mistakes because you can keep up with the speed at which your phone processes each of your keystrokes.

When you are typing a message or email and don’t want to use your phone’s suggestions, you don’t have to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. You can eliminate the box by simply tapping at any spot on the screen.

If you have the Safari browser in your iPhone, you do not need to use the .com extension to access a site. For example, to visit Amazon.com you can type “Amazon” in the URL box and you will be taken directly to the site.

Your iphone has the capability of showing previews of incoming messages when your screen is locked. To you, this may either be handy or a hindrance. If you do not like this feature, you can simply turn it off. In your Settings, navigate to the “messages” option that is found in your “notifications.” The feature you want to disable is called Show Preview.

Make sure to personalize your iPhone with a ringtone. The standard ringtones blend in with other Iphone users and makes you just one of the crowd. Load a favorite song or sound clip to your iPhone that you really enjoy. This will set your iPhone apart from the crowd.

Your iphone Safari browser will do most anything a computer browser can do. If you run into a picture you want to save while you’re browsing, just tap and hold it. The context menu that pops up will let you save the picture directly to your phone’s Camera Roll. You can even copy it into a message!

Do not waste time with suggested words on your iPhone. If you need to type a note or email and you’re tired of suggestions, tap anywhere on the screen to make the suggestion box vanish. This will keep you from having to click on the little “x” every time you want to dismiss a word.

If you would like to have a sound verification when pressing a key, go to the keyboard clicks and select On. This could help reduce the number of errors you make since you can hear when the phone has registered the letters you have touched.

Even though the iPhone tries to make surfing the web easy, it can sometimes be difficult to have to go back to the beginning of long webpages. Luckily, you do have other options. Clicking the top of your screen where the status bar is, will bring you right back to the beginning of the page. This works for other long screens (like iTunes lists) too.

Should your iphone fall in water, wait before trying to turn it on. Instead, do you best to dry the outside of the phone, and then allow the phone dry out overnight in a bowl of uncooked white rice. If you turn the phone on while the internal components are wet, you can short circuit the device.

The command for marking emails unread in the iPhone isn’t visible; you have to uncover it. Find ‘Details’ on your iPhone menu and click on the unread tag for email. When you return to your email it will be marked as unread.

Your iPhone’s calendar is a great tool to help you keep organized. Rather than relying on the “+” function, try adding each event directly. This is much quicker. While you are viewing your calendar via the day, tap any hour and hold down. This will create a new entry on the time you chose. With this quick scheduling, you’ll have more time to be more efficient elsewhere!

One great thing to do with your iPhone is to use the Facebook app. A lot of mobile users are already aware that they can do this, but a lot of folks still have no idea that they can do this.

You can use one hand only to take pictures with the iphone. Do this by simply getting the frame how you desire it, and press the button that says + volume. The pictures are just like they were taken the normal way.

It’s relatively easy to type with an iPhone, but setting up custom shortcuts for words makes it a lot easier. Go to Settings, go under General, look under Keyboard, and then Add New Shortcut. Add shortcuts for phrases and words you commonly use. When you use these shortcuts, the full phrases or words that you designated will be automatically inserted.

While the iphone is one of the most useful and innovative devices out there, some people become frustrated while trying to scroll through long websites. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to do this. Just tap the status bar near the clock, and that will take you to the page’s start. You can use this on any long screen as well.

One of the useful things you can do with your iPhone is share pictures with your various contacts. Two options are available to achieve this. Save your image and attach it your e-mail, or upload it publicly on your Facebook page.

Anyone who has seen an iphone has probably been amazed by how much it can do. Apply all that you have learned from this article to get the most from your iphone.

If you’re accident prone, make sure that you purchase a case for your iPhone. Your iPhone will break if you drop it when it’s not in its case. No case prevents all accidents, but it can certainly better your iPhone’s chances of survival upon impact if you accidentally drop it.

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